KIA NIRO-EV beautiful all electric concept car

With its debut at CES 2018, the Niro EV Concept Car blurs the line between car and driver. With integrated technology that both excites and responds to your senses, it turns the driving experience into a more human experience. This Niro recognizes your face, reacts to your touch and gestures, and responds to your voice. Add to that 5G connectivity and an all-electric range of approximately 238 miles with zero tailpipe emissions, and it represents the leading edge of Kia's technology innovation.

Ultra-innovative technology puts you face-to-face with the future. With Kia’s human-machine interface (HMI), drivers can log into the vehicle using face and voice recognition that adjusts vehicle settings to personal preferences. Infotainment and HVAC systems are controlled by touch and gesture on the steering wheel and the digital dashboard display conveniently delivers information like vehicle settings, powertrain status, and trip information.

Every year innovators and influencers gather at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to share breakthrough technologies with the world. This year Kia showcased  newest innovations, including human-machine interface (HMI) functions like driver facial and voice recognition. And  upcoming in-car 5G connection will deliver drastically faster, more reliable wireless connectivity for improved streaming.

Turn Amazon Alexa into a personal valet to ready your compatible Kia with UVO before each drive. Just search for the UVO Skill in the Alexa app on your compatible smartphone and link your UVO account. Depending on your Kia model and year, you can enjoy voice commands like Remote Climate Control, Remote Start & Stop Engine, Remote Charging Start & Stop, and Remote Lock.

Warm up your compatible Kia from the comfort of your home using the UVO app on your Google Assistant. Based on your Kia model and year, you can access voice commands like Remote Start & Stop Engine4, Remote Climate Control, Remote Charging Start & Stop, and Remote Lock. Just use your compatible smartphone to search for the UVO Agent on the Google Assistant app and link your UVO account to get started.

Outstanding engineering pushes the boundary of what a fully-electric crossover can do. Powered by a next-generation EV powertrain, the Niro EV Concept delivers a driving range of approximately 238 miles with zero tailpipe emissions. And with energy provided by a high capacity 64 kWh lithium-polymer battery pack, paired with a powerful 150 kW electric motor, the front grille is replaced with a smooth interactive display panel and ultra-slim lamp technology.