New Design of INFINITI

Q Inspiration is powered by the world's first production-ready variable compression engine — the revolutionary VC-Turbo. Able to adjust internally to give maximum response or maximum fuel economy, it delivers two powerful personalities in one.

The Q Inspiration with future generations of ProPILOT will give the freedom to release control and take it back so you can focus on the best parts of driving.

“The Q Inspiration interior is reduced to a minimalist expression of wellbeing and comfort and strives to create a warm and uncompromisingly modern atmosphere like one so often finds in Tokyo residential architecture. The purpose being to enable the user in a new era of connectivity while simultaneously enriching the driving experience with materials of the best quality, crafted by the hands artists.”

“The four-cylinder powertrain has enabled us to experiment with a new proportion in a segment where larger and more intrusive engines still reign supreme. The Q Inspiration concept suggests a different shape – featuring a shorter hood and longer body, with all the benefits to interior wellbeing, comfort and space that this layout entails.”

- Karim Habib, Executive Design Director

The Q Inspiration concept is a glimpse into INFINITI’s future. This convergence of design and technology represents our progressive inner spirit and will inform the next generation of INFINITI vehicles.

“While we have plans to electrify our product portfolio in the future, drivers all around the world are still reliant on internal combustion engines for their transport needs. This new engine not only complies with every emissions standard currently in effect around the world, it also offers a compelling blend of turbocharged performance and high efficiency, challenging the notion that these qualities are unique to hybrid power.”

- François Bancon, Vice President, Product and Programs