Dendrobium: Extreme electric car with 1500 horsepower, presented in Geneva March 2017

Dendrobium deliberately challenges the visual aesthetics and draws intrigue, wonder and awe from its beholders. The delicate marriage of lines with curves casts dramatic light and shadows, accentuating the exquisite surfaces of aluminium, carbon fibre and glass. Embodied within its elegant frame is the great care taken to put together the technology that runs it. Dendrobium is testament to the pursuit for concept, design and assembly of the highest order.

WFRIC has announced that it's spinning off its first new venture: Vanda Electrics, which will produce Singapore's first home-grown hypercar – the Dendrobium. According to preliminary spec sheets, it'll be a 1,500 horsepower battery-powered monster that will put out some 4,000 Newton-meters of torque.

Named for a Singaporean orchid, the Dendrobium will carry between 90 and 100 kWh of batteries, giving it a range around 400 km/249 mi (roughly 8 times across Singapore and back) and a top speed around 400 km/h/ ... but most certainly not at the same time.

0-100kmh is expected to be around 2.6 seconds, which, if it delivers, will put it right at the pointy end of the hypercar class and squeeze all sorts of noises out of people in the passenger seat just through g-forces alone. Torque vectoring and stability control will keep the car's four monster electric motors from sending the car fishtailing into a loop every time the driver sneezes.

Vanda has engaged London-based design firm EPTA to design the low-slung, eye-popping, carbon/aluminium body, which includes a super-low front grill and an interesting open rear section that looks like it's designed to feature moving active aerodynamics.

Helping on the technology side will be Williams Advanced Engineering, of Formula One fame, and there's some SG$10 million worth of investment behind the venture thanks to Titan Capital.

This is not a trend the petrol engine will survive. Right now, gas cars are cheaper and more practical on long trips, and those are their two remaining advantages. Tesla's awesome Model S P90D already out-accelerates everything bar the most exclusive million-dollar hypercars, and that's a freakin' family saloon that's comfy enough to drive your grandma around in.

True electric performance beasts like the Dendrobium will soon make it clear that if performance is really your goal, and not noise and drama, electric is where it's all going.

Preliminary specifications:

Total Length: 5540mm
Total Width: 2270mm
Total Height: 1100mm
Curb Weight: 1750kg
Wheelbase: 3530mm
Torque: 4000Nm
Power Output: 1500HP
Acceleration: 0-100km/h in 2.6s
Top speed: 400km/h
Range: 400km
Battery Capacity: 90-100kWh
Powered by 4 electric motors
Incorporates All Wheel Torque Vectoring system with stability function
Adjustable height for road and track operation
Two Seater, twin door
Carbon fiber and aluminum body and chassis
Liquid cooled batteries and motora