Sensual purity: the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy

Design sets brands apart and is instrumental in defining a brand’s public image. The designers at Mercedes-Benz are involved between the poles of tradition and modernity to evolve the cars of the future. Their work centres on sensual purity as the definition of modern luxury, encapsulating an essential aspect of the Mercedes-Benz brand - the bipolarity comprising intelligence and emotion. Rationale and understanding make up one aspect of the Mercedes-Benz brand essence, symbolised by Carl Friedrich Benz.

The other aspect, defined by Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler, harks back to the era of the early racing cars and classic cars, which is why excitement, desirability and enjoyment are so important for the brand. The aim of the design philosophy is to create pure and sensual forms and surfaces that showcase high tech while radiating emotional appeal. This is how the brand and its products draw attention. 

Experiencing modern luxury

Today luxury means a timelessness that goes beyond mere fashion. And true luxury is rare but consequently also highly coveted. Mercedes-Benz stands for modern luxury as people are becoming less concerned about material values and possessions. Instead, there is an increasing desire for emotive, authentic experiences, a paring-down to the essentials, and high tech in combination with traditional craftsmanship and genuine pleasure. 

The Mercedes-Benz designers apply the modern design idiom of sensual purity to create environments in which customers can experience modern luxury.

Icons with emotive effect

Every Mercedes-Benz model – be it a luxury saloon, coupé, roadster or compact car – has iconic status and is initially perceived on a sensual level. It is almost impossible not to be drawn in by this emotive effect as the design alone arouses desire long before even learning about the innovations or technology at work behind the scenes. One of the main tasks for the Mercedes-Benz design team is to engender this desire in the beholder.

Desirable automotive visions

From the first idea via the numerous draft designs through to the finished model, it is always a new challenge for the designers to conceive desirable automotive visions. Their objective is to keep re-establishing a balance between outstanding product technology, quality and design with a visionary design idiom. Here the design philosophy of sensual purity, which defines modern luxury on a formal level, plays a key role. The sensuality encapsulates everything that expresses feelings and touches the heart, such as balance, warm colours, natural beauty, smooth surfaces, harmony and emotion.

By way of contrast, the purity refers to the fact that the essentials - the essence of the formal statements - are brought to the fore so that they can be experienced in their pure form. The result is expressive, clearly defined, visionary forms.

Pursuit of the perfect form

The design idiom is defined by firmly established principles which are interpreted differently for each model, lending each one its own unique character yet ensuring that it is still unmistakably a Mercedes-Benz. At Mercedes-Benz, the designers always focus on making the vehicles unique, rich in contrast and exhilarating as well as creating exciting proportions. Pure, sensually flowing forms and a refined depth of design are at the heart of every composition, making every Mercedes-Benz exude natural appeal. The design philosophy of sensual purity creates a perfect balance between tradition and progress. And the visionary design idiom is powered by the designers at Mercedes-Benz in their continual pursuit of the perfect form.