1938 Jaguar SS100 Roadster

Launched in 1936 alongside the 2½-Liter saloon, the SS100 Jaguar sports car marked the company's first use of the 'Jaguar' name. Beautifully styled in the manner of its SS90 predecessor, the newcomer employed a shorter, 102"-wheelbase chassis and a revised version of the 2,663 cc Standard Six which, equipped with Weslake's overhead-valve cylinder head and breathing through twin SU carburetors, now produced 104 bhp. In 1938 a 3½-liter version producing 125 bhp was added to the range, the larger engine's extra power making the SS100 a genuine 100 mph car. 

Although a fine touring car, the SS100 was marketed primarily as competition work. Its first major success came early, if somewhat unexpectedly, when Tommy Wisdom, crewed by his wife, won the arduous International Alpine Trial in 1936, beating Bugatti and bringing the fledgling marque to the attention of the Continental public. This would be the first of many successful rallying forays, including class wins in the RAC events of 1937 and 1938, and the Alpine (outright) again in 1948. Around 198 2½-Liters and 116 of the later 3½-Liter cars had been made by the time SS100 production was prematurely ended by the outbreak of war.


Stock: J38-049
Performance: 3,485 cc OHV (Originally Side-Valve), 125 bhp Inline, 6-Cylinder Engine
Transmission: 4-Speed Manual Transmission
Suspension: Front Suspension by Semi-Elliptic Leaf Spring, with Hartford Shock Absorbers, Live Axle Rear Suspension by Semi-Elliptic Leaf Spring
Color exterior: Gunmetal Grey
Color interior: Red
Mileage: Will be less than 100 test miles once restored
Wheels: Five wire wheels
Tires: Five 5.5, 6.00-18
Brakes: 4-Wheel Drum Brakes
Engine : T 9528