The new Mercedes - Benz Concept IAA

    Irresistible design meets aerodynamic genius in a dazzling new four-door coupé concept - the Mercedes-Benz "Concept IAA" (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile). Sensual surfaces are balanced by striking features. At the front, a "shark nose". Profile mirrors an equally clear-cut rear, which is dominated by a series of bold, horizontal louvres. An illuminated ring running around the rear end adds the final flourish to the show car's minimalist, high-tech appearance.

But this visionary design is not built for looks alone. At the touch of a button, or upon reaching 50 mph, the "Concept IAA" transforms from a svelte saloon into an aerodynamics world champion. This is thanks to a range of active aerodynamic measures, which reduce the drag coefficient to 0.19 - a new world record for a four-door four-seater.

Details include electrically extending front and rear flaps, boosting the concept's length by 390 mm, and a louvre that opens in the front bumper to improve underbody airflow. At the same time, active wheel segments alter their profile by 55 mm to zero, transforming them from sporty 5-spoke wheels into flat discs.

Inside, the "Concept IAA" gives a further glimpse of what customers can look forward to in future production models.

Continuing the design line of the latest S-Class, high quality materials are combined with pioneering technology such as touch-based functions on the steering wheel and dashboard. This allows the driver to control in-car functions by simply hovering their finger above the pad and moving it directionally.

And as its name suggests, a host of intelligent solutions include Car-to-X technology - another marker of our fascinating and digitally sophisticated future.

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